Wear Your (he)Art Collection

The pieces in this collection are all fronts or backs of the shirts I wore during the process of painting a specific piece of art. I never pay any attention whenever I wipe my brushes (or hands…I’m a messy painter) on my shirt, but sometimes the results are delightful.

I start with a clean t-shirt. When both sides of the shirt are filled (meaning I’ve complete two paintings) and if I feel the image can stand on its own I cut it out, stretch it – sometimes adding a swatch of color here and there, and the result is another piece of art. I find that these random pieces often reflect the moods or emotions I was experiencing… or the place I was at in my life… while creating the piece. While your reaction to each painting may be completely different than mine, my hope is that you’ll see something within the image that touches your heart and brings out a feeling for you as well.

Nebula Collection

Have you ever been outside, in a really dark place, and stared up into the night sky? The incomprehensible number of stars can be spellbinding. And if you (like me) are a contemplative type of person, imagining how endless the universe can be makes reminds you of the universe of possibilities that lie within us all.

These one-of-a-kind paintings are impossible to duplicate.  While the actual painting develops quickly, there’s an art to choosing a palette and preparing the pigments properly. The amazing effects that make this technique so intriguing are dependent on the chemical reactions between the pigments (the specific additives are my little secret!).

The title of each piece is only a description of what I see…you may see something completely different…and I hope you do! Be sure to look deep into each painting to see things that will make your imagination soar. 

Visual Series

Sometimes it’s fun to just start painting something and see what happens. These painting don’t have any real message to them, I just want them to be pretty, colorful, and interesting to stare at.

Versatile Series

These paintings are all done with the intent that the new owner gets to hang it in any orientation that resonates with them. Each of these paintings are signed on the back (with my gratitude to you for wanting the piece) and while I painted them in a certain orientation, I like the idea of not dictating what orientation might most appeal to you. So much of abstract art is in the interpretation of the work, so now I leave that up to you…. hang it in a single orientation or turn it every so often and get a new effect.