Angel Nebula


18″ x 24″
acrylic on canvas

Angel Nebula was created using a pouring technique. A dark base coat was poured onto the canvas, then pools of pigments….yellow, red, blues…were first blown out then swiped with a palette knife containing a proprietary mixed of pigments and additives. The combination of chemistry and artistry results in an effect that is singular, unique and not reproducible (believe me, I’ve tried).

It was inspired by years of staring up at the deep, rich Hawaiian night sky and marveling at its grandeur. To think… far beyond what we can see there exists magnificent displays of light and gas that have been there since time began.

So have angels. I believe Angels are meant to be part of our consciousness, relied on to guide us and keep us on the right track. And they are invaluable in helping us realize that we already know everything we need to know to make that happen.

This painting is intended to be a reminder that our Angels are always with us…all we have to do is ask and listen.

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