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George Evan Davis paints primarily in oils and acrylics but also loves photography. He has developed a style that ranges from meticulous and realistic to fluid and unconfined. At times he has something very personal or political to say with the goal of creating conversations, but at other times he paints just for the joy of creating something cool and beautiful.

Regardless of the process, his prime directive is to create pieces of art that speak to you in such a way that having it hanging on your wall makes your life happier and brighter.

art collection moments
art collection moments

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Are you concerned about shipping original art? Watch this!

In 2023 I submitted a piece called “Bridges” to an exhibition in New York City called Gender: The Future of Being Human. I was very concerned about the painting getting there safely; the biggest issue being the 3 dimensional attachments that could easily be crushed. The solution was a TV shipping box from Home Depot! It came with sturdy corners and by incorporating styrofoam blocks and panels I was able to pack the piece so that arrived fully intact.

If you’re concerned about shipping, don’t be… I’m a hellofa packer!

I’d been looking at this piece every other week in George’s office and I really loved it…it just drew me in. Finally I just let myself buy it and now I keep it where I can see it first thing and it gives me such joy.

Alice Roberts, Honolulu, Hawaii
Ecstatic owner of “Ocean Nebula”

We’ve known George for a long time, he’s helped us so much with his gifts as a massage therapist. Now we’re so happy to help support him in his new journey using his gifts as an artist. We saw this piece on his website and knew we had to have it! It looks amazing framed and hanging in our home.

Lani & Richard Parry, Honolulu, Hawaii
Discriminating owners of “Sometimes The Dark Leaks Out”

I remember when George posted a photo of his ‘latest’ painting (which I believe was a style moving in a new direction for him?) and it struck a chord inside me. So much so I replied, “I would pay money for that!”. It actually came true and now that canvas hangs on my living room wall.

Jim Hagerman
Happy owner of “Sailing”

Hi, I’m George.

I take the entire process of creating original art very personally. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I want each and every piece to reflect the image I have in my head. That takes time, which is one of the factors I consider when pricing a piece.

You may find a piece that just screams out to you (I hope you do!) but aren’t quite ready or able to invest in original work. I get it…I wish I could buy every piece of art I’ve fallen in love with.

My goal is to make art that appeals to all level of collectors. If you’re not ready to invest in original art, consider an exquisite Gicleé print. These high-end reproductions will enhance your life and are affordable, too.

If you’re not quite sure how your favorite painting might look in your space I invite you to use our Sneak Peek feature. Send us a photo of your wall and we’ll email you a file with the art sized and hung.

No one wants to live in a world without art. I invite you to peruse the gallery and find a piece that resonates with you. I accept commissions and would love to talk to you about creating a piece that’s personal and just right for you.

George Evan Art