Sometimes the Dark Leaks Out


17.5″ x 24″
acrylic on paper mounted in a clear plexiglass frame

This piece has been sold and is now in a private collection. Prints are available.

This piece is a very personal reflection that I painted after the events of Senseless. I’m basically a happy person, but (like a lot of people) I’ve gone through some pretty dark periods…losing the love of my life, depression, the stress of dealing with health and financial issues. Some of us carry the remnants of those experiences that, in spite of the work we do to make it not so, may not ever completely disappear. Despite the bright, swirling colors that I present to the world and myself, every now and then sometimes the dark leaks out. However, there is a bright spot! Much like the individual who learns to accept and love all the aspects of who they are, when you look deeper into this image there are some very wonderful and interesting details (if you just take the time to look).

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