This painting is entitled “Out of the Dark Forest.” It is basically a self-portrait of a time when I was emerging from a very long and dark period in my life. My first partner had died. He was my first love and it was the first time I had had someone that close to me die. 

Going into a depression that lasted almost 5 years, I envision that period as like being in a dark forest. The trees in the background were all painted on separate canvas and adhered to the main painting in an effort to give them a bit more depth.

The images are from real life, a model posed for me, but they are more symbolic of me, one physical version – spent and empty – and the other a spiritual version arising to reach for the spirit that propels us all to something better… a life full of love, warmth, excitement, and yes, even sadness. But as long as we grasp that spirit then even sadness is bearable.

I know there’s a bit of humor here when it comes to the hand reaching for the spirit BUT, there really was no intentional alluding to a spanking…LOL! In fact, the image of the “spirit” was a concept I struggled to paint.

One day, while giving a massage, I noticed an image on the wall behind me…cast by the sun shining through the peep-hole in the door opposite. I’d seen it before but never really saw it like I did at that moment. It only appears during the time of year when the sun is in the exact right spot.

I had been thinking about how I was going to paint the spirit image…without it the painting was just about a spanking in the woods…but as soon as I saw this I knew it would be perfect.

I’ve often thought about painting over the hand so it’s not so open palmed (and therefore less spanky), but I kinda like that people go there. After all, humor is a light…a gift from spirit.. and with light there can be no dark.

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