Understanding the Story behind a painting is like uncovering a hidden dialogue between a piece of art and the viewer.

It facilitates a connection that allows the work to speak to you, transforming it from an object into a companion – a reflection of a shared experience between you and the artist.

Each piece of art I create carries a story…an inspiration that sparked an idea, an idea that is then infused into the painting.

Aligning Chaos is no exception.

Recently retired, I envisioned it as a painting that summarized the essence of my 25-year journey as a healer.

But it evolved into more than that. It became a narrative that speaks to a very human story…the universal struggle against chaos.

Let me share the story behind Aligning Chaos

In 25 years of being a massage therapist, acupuncturist and bodyworker, people came to be because they were experiencing some degree of pain.

Sometimes it was a mere annoyance, but other times it was debilitating enough to alter perspectives and destroy relationships –

To cause chaos.

Chaos wears many disguises – loss, heartbreak, financial turmoil – each can manifest in physical pain.

Compounded, chaos is a relentless virus…spreading like a pandemic with the power to infect everyone it touches.

In Aligning Chaos, chaos takes center stage. A portrait not just of physical pain but of the chaos that can cast shadows on joy.



The revelation, however, lies in the alignment – the taming – of this chaos.

It’s a universal truth that until chaos is confronted, peace is elusive.

Whether the chaos stems from physical, spiritual or emotional origins, it’s alignment becomes the catalyst for healing.

Aligning Chaos is not just a painting. It is a guide. A lesson that chaos, no matter its magnitude, CAN be aligned.

And once aligned, life bursts forth with radiant brightness – a testament to the transformative power of healing.

If these words…and the painting…resonate with you, perhaps Aligning Chaos is not just a painting to admire but a companion.

A reminder that resilience is rewarded.

An inspiration for the journey that awaits.

Feel free to connect with me directly or through my online gallery at www.georgeevanart.com.

My hope is that Aligning Chaos will serve as a testament to the triumph over chaos and a perpetual source of inspiration on a journey towards peace and fulfillment.