Journal #3

My First Final

After graduating high school I was off to college. I had succumbed to my parents (mostly my father’s) emphatic urging that medicine was a much more enviable (and lucrative) profession and declared Science for Pre-med as my major. 

That first semester I had Chemistry, Biology, and Math. I sucked at all of them. But while I struggled with the sciences (except Biology…I loved biology), I flourished in the art building. I was only taking a beginning drawing class it was SO much more than my high school art classes.

Don’t get me wrong, my high school art experience was amazing. I had a great teacher and will be forever in Michelle Benson’s debt for exposing me to my first taste of what a real artist looked like, how they thought and how they saw the world. Unbeknownst to either of us she single handedly changed the course of my life. She introduced me to art history. To painting. To creative thinking (I think I had a bit of a crush on her).

This image is the result of my first semester of Art 101, a basic drawing class. While Ms. Benson’s classes had been fun and involved many different creative outlets, this immersive experience in a college level drawing class was intense. There were constant assignments involving almost as much time as Chemistry (more on that in another entry). There were the constant critiques where you posted your work and then everyone commented and the instructor tore it apart (sometimes literally). 

But most importantly was I found that I loved it. I discovered I could look at something, focus, get into my own world, then next thing I knew there it was on paper. Deep down I knew science wasn’t where I was supposed to be but next time I’ll go into how that turned out.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better. You can see more of my work in my online gallery at I hope you’ll share this page, follow me and watch for my next journal entry.

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